Tailor-made web-applications

Do you plan a software project in the near future? Replacing an existing system or the introduction of a new application supporting a new business area?

Gate49 supports you during all project phases as concept, realization, introduction as well as operation.

  • Does your project require extensive data exchange between internal and/or external partners?
  • Is a decentralized use of the application a basic requirement?
  • Does data exchange over the internet, intranet or extranet has to work quick and cost-effective?
  • Do you prefer low maintenance costs?


These days web technologies are not only used for websites, intranets and their content mgmt systems. Even more web-based applications are offering excellent cost/use relationship for operational transaction processing systems.

  • Low maintenance and operation costs?
  • Decentralized use "by default", without installation of additional hard- or software components.
  • Interoperability with other systems can be implemented easy e.g. using XML.
  • High level of user-friendliness up to self-explaining application.

Gate49 has years of experience in application development as well as in web technologies. A combination, which will lead your project to success too.