eBUCO - Electronic Budget & Controlling

«eBUCO» stands for «Electronic Budget Controlling System». It is an effective budgeting- as well as budget controlling tool.

Concerning the budget process all our clients had the same problem. The people responsible for costs hand in their budget in standardised exel files. In controlling these files are checked and consolidated with a lot of manual work. During the current business year the budget figures are compared with the effective costs and earnings, which means that another lot of manual work has to be done. The result of this process is finally given as an excel file to the cost center.

eBUCO creates a consistent and continuous platform.
With eBUCO the excel files will be obsolete. The people responsibile for budget enter their figures directly in to the web-applcation. During the business year the actual figures are imported by interface. Afterwards the actual figures can be compared with the budget and appear in eBUCO. Differences are shown on individual levels like cost center, cost center group and firm level.

The modules in an overview
eBUCO is mainly based on the following modules:


  • budget input by budget department.
  • consolidation in controlling.
  • data transfer in to an external accounting system.
  • module for automatic calculation of personnel cost and social benefits.


  • data import of the actual figures (monthly).
  • consolidated actual/budget comparison with each cost center.
  • detailed overview of the bookings.

Rolling planing

  • monthly planning as an alternative to the annual budget.


  • with the reporting module a lot of tailor-made reports can be produced.


  • module to plan liquidity.