Service ERP

Gate49 is primarily specializing in the area of after-sales. With wealth of experience of several decades, Gate49 has developed an Service-ERP, which is internationally used by several companies within the Sertronics-group.

The ERP consists of the following main functions:

  • Repair-module with serveral workflows
  • Sales-module for parts-, accessory- and product-sales
  • Purchase-module with several interfaces to suppliers
  • Interfaces to manufacturers for job-import and status-updates
  • Charging-module for in-warranty compensation
  • Logistics-module
  • Various master-data-modules

The repair-module supports different workflows like:

  • Repair order entry
  • Pre-registration and pickup-process
  • Repair analysis and maintenance
  • Homeservice-module including routing and tablet support
  • Customer communication
  • Out-of-warranty processes like cost estimate, cost quote
  • Clearing-module to invoice 3rd-party repairs to manufacturer

The system is aligned to after-sales companies, which are versatile concerning brands/manufacturers and products.

  • Multi-branding: repair-jobs are maintained and claimed in a central system for different brands and manufacturers. 
  • Multi-language: the system supports several languages for the user-interface and for the communication with the clients.
  • Access for partners: dealers, manufacturers and partly end-consumers have limited access to relevant orders and data.
The Service-ERP was introduced at Sertronics in 2004, which operates it in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and partly in the UK. The system was completely re-built in 2013 and will be put on a new basis, technologically as well as functional.